Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World

Top 7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World

Rottweilers Are Strong Loyal And Protective. German Rottweilers Were Bred To Pull Carts And Drive Cattle. Black Coats And Tan Markings Distinguish These Medium-To-Large Canines. Rottweiler

The German Doberman Pinscher Or Doberman Is Sleek And Powerful. Louis Dobermann A Tax Collector Bred These Dogs For Protection And Affection. Dobermans Are Robust And Have Short Black Blue Fawn Or Red Coats. Doberman Pinscher

The Chow Chow Is An Old Chinese Breed. Chow Chows Have Thick Double Coats Either Smooth Or Rough And Blue-Black Tongues Giving Them A Lion-Like Appearance. Medium-Sized Canines With Strong Bodies And Confident Independent Personalities. Chow Chow

The Japanese Akita Is A Huge Powerful Dog. Strong Loyalty Courage And Dignity Are Their Hallmarks. The Thick Double Coat Prominent Ears And Curled Tail Distinguish Akitas. Akita

The American Pit Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier And American Staffordshire Terrier Are All Descendants Of The Pit Bull Terrier. Strength And Determination Characterize These Dogs. Muscular And Athletic Pit Bulls Ha Ve Short Multicolored Coats. Pit Bull Terrier

German Boxers Are Medium To Huge. Their Powerful Frame Square Head And Expressive Face Are Famous. Boxers Have Short Fawn Or Brindle Coats. Dogs Are Smart Lively And Energetic. Boxer

Dalmatians Are Known For Their Characteristic Black Or Liver Spots On White Coats. Dalmatians Medium-Sized Dogs From Croatia Are Slim And Strong. Their Endurance Agility And Friendliness Are Well-Known. Dalmatian

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