Now-Forgotten Holiday Treats Only Boomers Will Remember

Fruitcake: Fruitcakes Were Once A Holiday Staple But Have Become Less Popular Due To Their Dense And Candied Fruit-Filled Nature.

Ambrosia Salad: This Sweet Salad Featured Canned Fruit Coconut Marshmallows And Whipped Cream—A Sweet Creamy Side Dish.

Ribbon Candy: Colorful Twisted Ribbon Candy Was A Classic Holiday Confection That Adorned Many Holiday Tables.

Figgy Pudding: Mentioned In Christmas Carols Figgy Pudding Was A Dense Steamed Dessert Often Served With A Flaming Brandy Sauce.

Popcorn Garland: Stringing Popcorn Into Garlands Was A Traditional Diy Decoration For Christmas Trees.

Rum Balls: These Boozy No-Bake Treats Made With Crushed Cookies And Rum Were A Holiday Indulgence.

Sugarplums: Often Associated With "The Night Before Christmas" Sugarplums Were A Sweet Fruity Confection.

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