Forget Crunches – Try These 7 Beginner

Forget Crunches – Try These 7 Beginner-Friendly Ab Exercises Learn More

Introduction Are You Tired Of The Same Old Crunches For Your Ab Workout? It'S Time To Switch Things Up! In This Web Story We Introduce You To 7 Beginner-Friendly Ab Exercises That Will Challenge Your Core In New And Exciting Ways. Let'S Get Started On The Path To A Stronger Midsection.

Planks - The Core Stabilizer Planks Are A Fantastic Way To Engage Your Entire Core. This Exercise Helps Improve Posture And Stability While Targeting Your Abs Obliques And Lower Back. Get Ready To Feel The Burn Without A Single Crunch!

Russian Twists - Oblique Engager Russian Twists Are A Fun Way To Work Those Obliques. Sit On The Floor Twist Your Torso And Feel Your Sides Working Hard. It'S A Great Exercise For Improving Your Rotational Strength.

Leg Raises - Lower Ab Focus Leg Raises Are Excellent For Targeting The Lower Abs. Lie On Your Back Lift Your Legs And Lower Them Back Down. This Exercise Will Give You A Killer Lower Ab Workout.

Bicycle Crunches - Full Core Challenge Bicycle Crunches Are A Dynamic Exercise That Works Your Entire Core. Engage Your Abs As You Bring Your Elbow To The Opposite Knee. It'S Like Riding A Bike But For Your Abs!

Bird Dogs - Core Stability Bird Dogs Are A Fantastic Exercise For Core Stability. On All Fours Extend One Arm And The Opposite Leg Holding For A Few Seconds. This Exercise Not Only Targets Your Abs But Also Improves Balance.

Bridge - Glutes And Core The Bridge Exercise Not Only Works Your Glutes But Also Engages Your Core. Lift Your Hips Off The Ground While Keeping Your Abs Tight. It'S A Two-For-One Deal!

Superman - Back And Core Strengthener Superman Exercises Target Your Lower Back And Core. Lie Face Down Raise Your Arms And Legs Off The Ground And Hold. It'S A Great Way To Counterbalance Ab-Focused Exercises.