Build Core Strength And Improve Your Posture

Build Core Strength And Improve Your Posture

This Quick Workout Is Perfect For Home Workouts Or Busy People Who Don'T Have Much Time.

It Simply Requires Three Bodyweight Motions And Strengthens Mid-Body Muscles In Six Minutes. You Can Unroll Your Yoga Mat (Or Towel If You Don'T Have One) And Try It.

This Workout Is As Many Rounds As Possible In A Certain Period. Start A Six-Minute Timer Do 10 Repetitions Of Each Action Then Repeat As Many Times As Possible Before The Clock Runs Out

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Maryniak'S Demonstrations For Each Exercise Are Worth Watching. Try To Mimic His Form To Improve Your Technique The Foundation Of Any Efficient Workout.

Six Minutes Is A Long Time To Target A Single Muscle Group With Minimal Rest. Slowing Things Down Will Also Allow You To Focus On Your Form And Boost Your Core Muscles

The Abdominals Include The Rectus Abdominis (Responsible For The Six-Pack Shape) Spine-Supporting Transverse Abdominis And The Obliques Which Play A Pivotal Role In Twisting Movements.