Best smart smoke detectors in 2023



Nest Protect: This top-tier smart smoke detector offers cutting-edge technology and seamless integration with other Nest products, ensuring maximum safety.

First Alert Onelink: Equipped with voice alerts, this detector offers interconnectivity and smart features for comprehensive home protection.

Google Nest Cam (Battery): Not just a camera, this device also functions as a smart smoke detector with remote alerts and two-in-one functionality.

Wyze Smoke Detector: A budget-friendly option with smartphone notifications and an intuitive app for easy monitoring and control.

Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener: Easily upgrade your existing detectors with this smart add-on that connects to the Ring Alarm system.

Eufy Security Smoke Detector: High-quality detection and connectivity features make this a reliable choice for home safety.

Roost Smart Battery: Retrofit your existing smoke detectors with this Wi-Fi-connected battery for smart alerts and battery monitoring.