8 Best Teas For Weight Loss And Boosting Metabolism

8 Best Teas For Weight Loss And Boosting Metabolism Ashima Sharda Mahindra Digital Jul 19 2023

Green Tea ​Being One Of The Most Popular Types Of Tea Green Tea Is The Most Effective For Weight Loss. It Helps Reduce Body Weight Body Mass Index And Belly Fat In People With Type-2 Diabetes Credit: Istock

Black Tea ​Black Tea Is Loaded With Antioxidants Which Helps In An Effective And Long-Term Weight Loss And Reduced Waist Circumference As It Is High In Polyphenols And Flavones Credit: Istock

Oolong Tea ​Oolong Is A Traditional Chinese Tea That Helps In Weight Loss By Improving Fat Burning And Speeding Up Metabolism Credit: Istock

White Tea White Tea Is Minimally Processed And Is Harvested While The Tea Plant Is Still Young. It Has An Extremely Distinct And Aids Weight Loss Along With Killing Cancer Cells Credit: Istock

Fennel Tea ​Fennel Or Saunf Tea Has Diuretic Properties And Helps Remove Toxins From The Body Which Contribute To Weight Loss. Fennel Seeds Are Also Responsible For Kick-Starting Your Metabolism ​ Credit: Istock

Hibiscus Tea ​Hibiscus Has Catechins That Help Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Thereby Helping Losing Weight Credit: Istock

Matcha Tea ​Matcha The Japanese Green Tea Is Packed With Antioxidants And Is A Sure-Shot Way To Lose Weight And Sustain It Credit: Istock