8 Best Keto and Other Diet and Nutrition Apps 



MyFitnessPal: Track macros and calories for various diets, including keto, with a vast food database.

Carb Manager: A comprehensive keto app with carb tracking and recipes.

Cronometer: Provides in-depth nutrient analysis and is ideal for customizing your diet.

Lose It!: A user-friendly app with personalized weight loss plans and goal tracking.

Yazio: Offers keto, low-carb, and other diet plans, plus workout tracking.

KetoDiet: A one-stop-shop for keto enthusiasts, featuring recipes, guides, and a macro calculator.

Lifesum: Choose your diet plan, get meal suggestions, and track your progress.

Fooducate: Scan barcodes for nutritional information and make informed choices on keto and beyond.