6 Minutes With These 6 Bodyweight Workouts.

6 Minutes With These 6 Bodyweight Workouts.

You Can Strengthen Your Abs In Just Six Minutes With These Six Bodyweight Exercises

No Equipment Is Needed For These Exercises Making Them Easy To Do At Home Or On The Go

The Exercises Target All Areas Of Your Abs Including Your Upper And Lower Abs Obliques And Transverse Abdominis

The Six Exercises Include The Plank Bicycle Crunches Mountain Climbers Russian Twists Leg Raises And Flutter Kicks

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To Get The Most Out Of These Exercises Perform Each One For 30 Seconds With A 10-Second Rest In Between

Incorporating These Exercises Into Your Fitness Routine Can Help You Achieve A Stronger Core And Six-Pack Abs

Remember To Maintain Proper Form And Breathe Throughout Each Exercise To Avoid Injury