6 Best Ab Workouts For Women

6 best ab workouts for women athome abs exercise

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Crunches: The Classic Ab Exercise That Targets Your Core Muscles Effectively. Lie On Your Back Knees Bent And Hands Behind Your Head. Lift Your Upper Body Engaging Your Abs And Lower Back Down.

Planks: A Full-Body Workout That Also Strengthens Your Core. Get Into A Push-Up Position But With Your Weight On Your Forearms. Hold The Position With A Straight Back For As Long As You Can.

Leg Raises: Lie On Your Back Hands Under Your Hips. Lift Your Legs Keeping Them Straight Until They'Re Perpendicular To The Floor. Lower Them Back Down Without Letting Them Touch The Ground

Russian Twists: Sit On The Floor Knees Bent And Feet Flat. Lean Back Slightly Lift Your Feet Off The Ground And Twist Your Torso To Touch The Floor On Each Side.

Bicycle Crunches: Lie On Your Back Hands Behind Your Head. Bring Your Knees Towards Your Chest And Alternately Twist Your Body Bringing Your Elbow To The Opposite Knee.

Mountain Climbers: Begin In A Push-Up Position. Alternate Bringing Your Knees Toward Your Chest As If You'Re Running In Place. This Exercise Engages Your Core And Gets Your Heart Rate Up.