5 Intense Ab Exercises For Flat Summer Abs!

Ab Exercises For Flat Abs Ab Workout

Why Is A Strong Core Important? ✅ Improved Balance And Stability ✅ Improved Posture ✅ Reduced Risk Of Injury ✅ Reduced Risk Of Lower Back Pain Ab Workout

How Can You Get Flat Abs? The Best Ab Workouts Strengthen The Abs From Every Angle. Strengthen The Core Incorporate Cardio And Eat A Nutrient- Dense Diet! Try The Workout 👉 Ab Workout

1 vsit toe touches targets transverse abdomen lower abs and hip flexors beginner keep your heels on the mat

2 Push Up + Arm Extension Targets: Chest Shoulders Triceps Back And Core. Beginner: Take The Push Up From Your Knees.

3 V-Sit Shoulder Press Targets: Deep Transverse Abs Rectus Abdominis Lower Abs Shoulders Top Of The Thighs And Hips. Beginner: Keep Your Heels On The Mat.

4 Chest Press + Leg Lower Targets: Deep Core Muscles Lower Abs Hips Chest Shoulders And Triceps. Beginner: Shorten Range Of Motion By Doing Heel Taps.

5 Scissor Kick + Pass Targets: Rectus Abdominis Transverse Abs And Lower Abs. Beginner: Omit The Dumbbell Making This A Bodyweight Exercise.

Screenshot Workout 1. V-Sit Toe Touches 2. Push Up + Reach 3. V-Sit Shoulder Press 4. Chest Press + Leg Lower 5. Scissor Kick + Pass Do It: 40 Seconds Per Exercise. Ab Workout More Stories Here